Diablo IV Gold  Update Boosts XP Gains and Fixes a Popular Seeds of Hatred Bug

Blizzard releases a surprise hot fix for Diablo 4, correcting a popular Seed of Hatred exploit, though boosting XP rates as well. Updates are nothing new for Diablo 4 as the live service title has seen a fairly constant stream of them since the game launched back in June. In fact, Diablo 4 just received update 1.1.4 early in September, providing a massive XP boost when using the Urn of Aggression, jumping from 8% to 20% to help make the Season Blessing more impactful. Update 1.1.4 also had plenty of bug fixes for the game as well, ranging from simply visual hiccups to progression blocking quest problems.

Considering the amount of updates and tweaks the game goes through, things can sometimes go off the rails as news bugs and an occasional exploit can make its way into the experience. One notorious one allowed Diablo 4 players to take an Eternal Realm character and shift them to the Seasonal Realm, allowing them to not have to start from scratch to access the new content. Blizzard moved swiftly on the exploit and even banned a number of Diablo 4 accounts who abused the system. The latest exploit also threatened to break the game's economy, though an emergency Hot Fix has again corrected the problem.

Inside of the Fields of Hatred, Diablo 4 players can not only engage in PvP combat, but also earn a unique currency called Seeds of Hatred. This in turn can be taken to the nearby town to be converted into Red Dust, which is spent on special and rare items. A recent bug allowed players to earn Seeds of Hatred at an excessive rate. While Blizzard has indicated there are certain scenarios that can cause this, the exploit itself has now been fixed which should stabilize the game's economy once more.

While the exploit news may be disappointing for those who were taking advantage of the additional Seeds of Hatred, Blizzard also gave players a nice little boost with an experience increase. World Tier 3 players will see a permanent 5% increase for experienced gained through killing monsters in Diablo 4, while World Tier 4 players get an additional 15% bump in experience earned. While the XP boost may not be quite as much as the Mother's Blessing Weekend Event Diablo 4 recently experienced, players don't have to race the clock to take advantage of it.

As the current season rolls forward, some Diablo 4 Gold  players are running into a new issue with World Boss Events, where entering into the instance will not automatically match them with other players. While these high level experiences are intended to be tackled by a group of adventurers, the latest bug forces impacted players to fight by themselves. An impossible task for nearly everyone.